Becomecommercial pilot

Learn what to do to become an airline pilot and make your dreams come true.

Many dream about becoming a commercial pilot. Only few of them make their dreams reality. What should you do to become a pilot in the future?

Born to fly is a website created by pilots based on their personal experience, intended for those who want to become a commercial pilot in the future. Below you’ll find key topics – questions asked by most people who want to begin their aviation adventure or who already fly and have no idea what step they should make next. The topics below are provided in the form of a guidebook – to go to a further part of the article click on the “next page” button below the article or a link in the article.

Remember – the path you want to take is not an easy one, yet it leads to making your dreams come true. It’s worth the effort despite all the obstacles you might encounter on the way! Good luck!

  • How to become a pilot – step by step

    Dreaming of becoming an airline pilot, but no idea what to begin with? Or maybe you’re already on your way, but the path leading to the goal seems long and obscured? By reading the guidebook titled How to become a pilot? you’ll learn step by step what to do next to make your dreams come true.
  • How to finance your flight training?

    The greatest and the most common obstacle encountered both in beginning a flight training and on further down the road to becoming a commercial pilot is the total cost of all the training courses. Learn the methods for financing a flight training.
  • Where to do the flight training?

    Importantly, one should learn the basics on a high level – this pertains also to pilotage. For that very reason, when seeking the right place to do your pilot training at, consider also factors other than just the price. Here you’ll learn how to choose the flight school.
  • How to build flying hours?

    The greatest challenge after getting your PPL(A) is to build the hours vital for beginning the commercial pilot licence training. Learn what are the options for building hours that PPL(A) holders have.
  • How to pass ATPL exams?

    If you’re just about to sit exams for ATPL or plan to do so, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll learn how to prepare for studying the material, how to study, and how to pass ATPL exams with good marks in the shortest time possible.

Your child wants to become a pilot

Read about your child’s passion, find the answers to your questions, learn whether flying is safe and how much it will cost you.