Learn how to pass ATPL exams easily

Aware of the hardships my colleagues encountered while studying for ATPL exams, I decided to write the few tips you can find below on how to approach learning for these exams and the exams themselves to pass them in short time and with high results.  I based this text on my own experience and the methods I’ve developed prior to or in the course of the learning process, which allowed me to successfully sit ATPL exams with an average of over 96% in three subsequent sessions (I – 10 subjects including all the hardest; II – 2 subjects; III – 2 subjects).

Obviously, the presented method is not the only one that exists or the best approach to learning for ATPL exams. The success depends to a great extent on a given pilot’s personality, individual approach, own learning methods and aptitude. Nevertheless, on Born to Fly website you can find elements such as, mental preparation, the plan, organisation of the learning environment, and progress monitoring, which allow you to structure chaos and make the bulk of study material much less intimidating.

While reading this introduction, you must be questioning yourself whether it’s worth to make this sacrifice to achieve high results of ATPL exams. When browsing through advertisements published by airlines, I stumbled across job offers that specified requirements pertaining to the average score from all ATPL exams, required no exams failed or simply listed exam results certificate as an obligatory document to be submitted. I’ve also heard of a person who was rejected from Ryanair recruitment procedure due to having one subject retaken. At interviews, questions about ATPL exam results can be asked as well. However, most offers targeted at less experienced pilots require only a ‘frozen’ ATPL (A). Thought their actual significance is difficult to tell, high results in ATPL exams certainly never go amiss!

The first version of this guidebook was initially sent in the form of a pdf file to a handful of my acquaintances. The enthusiastic reception inspired me to publish it online. I do hope that it will help make your way through this difficult time and allow you to begin your practical flight training for CPL, MEP(L) (multi-engine rating), and Instrument Rating sooner.

Good luck and success!