ATPL Theoretical Course

For most people, ATPL training course is the first serious contact with aviation industry. Oftentimes, part of lectures is delivered by airline pilots, air traffic controllers or airliner maintenance crew. First of all, don’t expect too much of an ATP training course. Since training courses are most commonly conducted in weekend mode, you can complete your training and derive almost no benefit from it whatsoever if you don’t make the effort to engage in classes and to study at home. Frankly, ATPL training is a formal requirement for sitting ATPL exams, whereas 95% of the time you spend on ATPL is hard work at home.

It’s worth to start learning for the exams as early as during theoretical training. That way classes will serve you as a revision to systemise your knowledge. With a proper and well-devised revision system, you’ll be ready for the exams as soon as you get your course completion certificate.