How to keep yourself motivated to learn for ATPL?

You must know that your motivation level during studying may vary from low to high. It’s normal when it comes to an effort as huge as the one you’ve got to invest in order to pass ATPL exams. The massive study materials and the awareness of having many months of studying ahead of you will certainly discourage you form beginning or continuing studying. While studying subjects such as, General Navigation, Flight Planning or Performance, you’ll get a feeling that you’re not moving forward. The amount of details you still have to acquire when studying subjects such as Instrumentation, Radio Navigation or Meteorology, will not be of much help either.

For that very reason, it is vital that you’re aware of this fact and motivate yourself systematically, eliminating demotivating factors if possible.

ATPL studying motivators

  1. Plan – remember to have a plan and to always achieve the minimum daily targets or, even better, exceed them. Knowing that you’re keeping up with the pre-planned targets motivates you to study and the awareness that you work through the material faster than planned motivates you even more.
  2. Study order – while studying, start from the most difficult subjects and finish with the easiest ones. The awareness that the next subject you’ll learn is easier gives you extra motivation.
  3. Goal visualisation – visualise the goal each day – print a poster of an airplane cockpit and hang it on a wall in the room you study in and/or in your bedroom, so that each day while getting up you remember why you are doing this and when going to bed, tired after studying for many hours, you look at it thinking that on that day you made another step towards your goal. You can also hang, for instance, approach plates in many locations at your apartment, so that you stay focused on the goal.
  4. People – surround yourself with people who motivate you and encourage you to study more. It’s good to come into contact with someone who holds passes in ATPL exams with excellent results and will motivate you with his success, explain issues you struggle to understand, and support you in hard times.
  5. Others – think about the things that motivate you and get you high, like energetic music or sports.