Step 2 Pilot medical

When you decide on commencing your first flight training or when you start making serious plans about enrolling at aviation college while still at secondary school – get a pilot medical exam. You can find a facility to do your med exam at by googling ‘pilot medical’ in your browser. A pilot medical is carried out starting early in the morning and takes several hours. It covers basic blood and urine tests, heart tests, hearing and vision tests. If you’re free of any symptoms and in good health, you shouldn’t have any problems with passing medical exams successfully.

At this stage, the class 2 medical examination is sufficient, though it’s worth to get the class 1 medical examination as well to check if your health condition doesn’t stand in your way to your pilot career. If you receive your class 1 medical certificate, you’re free to plan further steps of your career in the aviation industry.

The class 1 medical examination is valid for one year, while the class 2 medical – for 5 years.