Step 4 Private Pilot Licence flight training

If you’ve already taken a pilot medical exam, you can start a practical flight training for PPL(A) licence. Similarly to a glider training, it also begins with a theoretical training. The theoretical training takes place on weekends or in the evenings. Upon passing the theoretical knowledge examination, you receive a certificate of completion. From then on, you’re ready to start a practical training, which takes 45 hours (including several hours of solo flight). The practical flight training depends on the weather but may be conducted throughout the year.

During PPL(A) training, you’ll initially learn take-offs and landings, as well as handling difficult situations. Having mastered the basics, you’ll perform pre-entry flight tests and upon their successful completion you’ll be allowed to do several solo flights with your instructor supervising you from the ground and providing any directions via radio. The first solo flight is such an extraordinary experience that it remains vibrant in the memory of all pilots throughout their lives.

The next stage is flight without outside visual reference, that is, with an obscured cabin.  During this type of flight, the student pilot learns under the supervision of his instructor how to fly by reference to instruments in the flight deck only.

The final stage of the training involves cross country flights during which the student pilot learns how to navigate using a compass, a map, and a route he computed himself. At this stage, you also fly to other airports, including controlled airports where most often airliners operate from. This stage of training gives the student pilot much excitement and satisfaction.

Having completed practical training, one must sit theoretical exams at the Civil Aviation Authority and then a practical exam that verifies the knowledge and skills acquired by the examined pilot during the practical training course. Upon passing all the exams successfully, one receives his first professional pilot licence – PPL(A).

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