Step 9 Gaining experience and job hunting

At this point, you’re already a proud commercial pilot! You’re a holder of the commercial pilot licence including all the ratings required for working for airlines. With a bit of luck, you’ll manage to find information on recruitment of candidates with all ratings and at least 200 hours of flight time. At present, job offers for inexperienced pilots are advertised by airlines on regular basis. However, most airlines require applicants to be more experienced. Thus, when hunting for a job, the only way is to build hours and gain experience in the meantime to satisfy recruitment criteria. It’s easier to find the possibility to build hours when holding a commercial pilot licence. As a CPL holder, you can, among others:

  • work as an instructor
  • fly skydivers
  • perform scenic flights
  • work as a sky taxi
  • fly for a medical cargo carrier

There are much more opportunities than in the case of building hours with a PPL licence. The fundamental difference is that now you can get paid for your flight time.

Meanwhile, it’s a good moment for strengthening your theoretical basis – studying and revising for the airline recruitment, since the knowledge acquired during training courses and when studying for exams deteriorates over a relatively short period of time.